Salvage Work

Location: New Zealand

“The team from Johnson Bros went absolutely above and beyond to help us rescue a boat which was stuck on the reef. If it wasn’t for their swift action and capabilities, we have no doubt that this boat would have been a total loss. We contacted the Johnson Bros in the early evening with the problem we were facing, our insured’s boat was wrecked, with the owners of the boat having had to abandon ship due to injuries they suffered. At midnight that same day, the team from Johnson Bros had secured the boat and were towing her to safety, working with the tides to ensure the vessel was rescued in one piece. Most other salvage companies would turn back this kind of a job at such late notice and as such we are beyond grateful for the help the Johnson Bros provided."

Johnson Bros Ltd have been contracted to complete many salvages across the Bay of Islands. JBL are committed to help provide 24/7 Marine Emergency Responses.

No matter the complexity of the salvage, JBL work to create specialist equipment and provide expert crew to ensure recovery of vessels are completed safely and sustainably.

A description of a technically challenging salvage JBL recently completed is below:

A 51ft catamaran became stranded above mean high water spring on Brampton Reef. Upon inspection by JBL it was apparent there was little structural damage to the hull or appendages to the vessel. An innovative removal system was needed to ensure there was no further damage to vessel. JBL purpose-built a trailer to safely move the vessel onto. A road was constructed to the vessel location and nearby beach, where the vessel could be safely relaunched. Upon relaunching, the vessel was able to be safely towed to the marina in the Bay of Islands.