Edward G Tug Boat from the Johnson Bros Limited

Edward G

The Edward G is an inshore shallow draft 4ft bp tug, based in Opua. It is suitable for tugging and shallow draft work.

Maui 1 Tug Boat

Maui 1

Coastal voith schneider tractor 8t bp tug, Maui 1 - based in Opua, used for cartage work of barges.


Yarman Mover Hiab Barge from the Johnson Bros Limited

Hiab Barge – Yarman Mover

Yarman Mover is a spud barge that includes a Hydraulic power pack plus welding equipment. It also has a 5t-m Hiab and a loading ramp.

Ipipiri Mover Barge

Multi-Purpose Barge – Ipipiri Mover

Johnson Bros. large multi-purpose barge, Ipipiri, is 25mx10m and has a 400T capacity. It is a semi-jack type barge with a removable 130m2 mud bin. It has hydraulic and electric supply.

Hiab Barge Mercury Mover operated by Johnson Bros

Hiab Barge – Mercury Mover

A Hiab barge with a 20mx7m footprint, 150T capacity and a equipped with a 15t-m Hiab. Mercury Mover has hydralic spuds, loading ramp, anchoring equipment and a moon pool.

Maui 1 Tug Boat

Dump Barge – Ponui Is. Mover

Ponui is a dump barge with a 100T capacity and features an hydraulic loading ramp.


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