Harbour Tug Services

Johnson Bros inshore shallow draft 4ft bp tug Edward G, based in Opua, is suitable for tugging and shallow draft work.

Maui tugging a Royal New Zealand Navy ship

Johnson Bros have also been involved in multiple salvage operations around the Bay of Islands and happy to help stranded boats where possible.

Johnson Bros doing a bay rescue


Johnson Bros marine dredging capabilities were established with the aim of providing a specialised dredging capability to service local ports and waterways, reinstating and maintaining their navigable depth. Projects involving capital, maintenance and environmental dredging along with beach nourishment and rock transport/placement are all suitable for our dredging fleet.

The Johnson Bros. team operate a highly technical backhoe dredge, which is ideal for marine excavation, dredging and construction works including armour placement, shore crossings, rock breaking etc.

Dredge spoils, rock dump materials and the like can be transported in our Mercury Mover dredge barge, while our seabed plough can be towed behind support vessels to remove high points and level the seabed.

Mercury Mover is Johnson Bros multipurpose construction barge. The 20m x 8m construction barge is a spudded barge mount with a Hatchi Ex200LR-1. Mercury mover has a 90m³ hopper bin. The excavator is equipped with the latest three-dimensional machine control software for excavation and placement of rock underwater.


Marine Construction

Clients planning marine construction projects look to Johnson Bros for our broad experiences and accurate results, and because we have the resources required to successfully complete the job at our fingertips, being based in Northland.

Our ability to deliver a complete turnkey solution stems from our ability to marshal the vessels and crews, the specialist construction teams and equipment, and innovative temporary works systems our clients need. Our machinery ensures we have the capability to take on even the most challenging tasks, including:

  • Marine Piling
  • Land-Based Piling
  • Large Diameter Pile Drilling, Socketing and Grouting
  • Wharves & Jetties
  • Wharf Extensions
  • Floating Jetty and Wharf systems
  • Marine Structure Deployment

Building a wharf

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